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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 8, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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noon, highest winds at the shore, and the busiest flooding threat will be at the shore, as well. standing by is glenn "hurricane" schwartz to talk more about the flooding threat. >> i think that will be the biggest problem for tomorrow morning. the combination of the on shore winds, near full moon and also the heavy rain will add up to some trouble. this is the storm organizing off the coast and it will redevelop off the carolina coast, the wind coming in off the ocean. hour after hour after hour. and it just piles up the water right along the coastline right at the time of high tide. and that is not a good combination. you can sees flow from the theeft. that's why we call it a nor'easter. and what do we expect at the shore? there now a coastal flood warning in effect. the on shore winds of up to 50 miles an hour. moderate coastal flooding.
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more sirs than the flooding we saw this morning and the high tide with 8:00 and 10:00. we'll have more on the time t l table in a few minutes. the impact along the coast could be significant. >> that's right. ted greenberg is live in ocean city. tell us what people are doing in advance of the nor'easter. >> reporter: well, right now emergency girofficials are urgi people to move their cars to higher ground because the high tide tomorrow morning is expected to be significantly worse than what we saw today. high tide and high water on 27th street in ship bottom this morning. >> it was getting up there. i was getting a little worried whether i was going to get through it. >> will is murray. and i guess i won't be walking him today. >> reporter: it kept rita and
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her dog close to home, that is also where she's planning to stay tomorrow. >> you live here, you put up with it. >> reporter: in flood prone west wildwood, police shared this video with us of streets that resembled rivers and in wildwood, flooding forced the city to shut down the causeway for part of the day. sid blorown move take brie to higher ground. >> you don't want it flowing down the street. >> reporter: drivers along the garden state parkway faced several rounds of snow thanks to waves of moisture streaming in from the ocean. mean time right along the surf, seaside heights public works crews piled up sand to build a temporary wall of protection along the beach before the approaching coastal storm makes the ocean even angrier.
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>> keep it from hitting the streets. >> definitely going to have some beach erosion. we already had some this morning with the first high tide. >> reporter: crews also hauled trash cans off the boardwalk so they don't blow away. and officials are urging residents to prepare, as well. >> we want to move the cars off low lying streets so we don't get flooded again. >> reporter: and with a hire tide expected tomorrow morning, we will also be dealing with heavy rain, which will just add to those flooding problems. live in ocean city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. when we are not on the air, glenn and sheena will be watching updates on social media, so be sure to follow them on twitter. >> and while you're sleeping, the nbc 10 news and first alert weather teams will be fine tuning the forecast and out rain will affect your morning commute. so join us wright abright and e beginning at 4:00 a.m..
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hands up, don't shoot! >> today place are investigating a possible threat against this peaceful protest right here outside lincoln financial field. nbc 10 was there as demonstrators staged last night's "die-in". this demonstration is like many we've seen all over the country really following the deaths of two black men at the hands of white police officers. at least one person was not happy about that protest. >> and expressed an opinion about it on social media. well, now the trail may take investigators to a local high school. doug doug sha medical live in doylestow doylestown. >> reporter: the name of the woman is a guidance counselor according to the school district. at some point sunday while the "die-in" outside the eagle
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stadium protested police proceedtality, investigators say a message appeared on twitter saying, quote, if my child cannot get to the seeieagles gai will personally shoot every one of them. you've been warned. the name was mary-kate blankenburg. officials confirmed it is the name of an 11th grade guidance counselor at central bucks west high school and they say they have placed mary-kate blackenburg on administrative leave. >> as a teacher, you have a responsibility to set an example to the rest of the students and staff at the school. >> reporter: nbc 10 saw detectives from machinery county knocking on blackenburg's door. >> this was referred to our office. >> reporter: there was no answer at the house, and some hope the school district or detectives will be able to provide some. >> i guess we want to know what the administration will do with
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this employee. >> reporter: in a statement out this afternoon from the superintendent, it says we immediately began an investigation including verification of the source of the post and we will take appropriate action once he we learn all of the facts. i also notified the district attorney's office on sunday and we are working with them as they investigate this incident. the superintendent concludes by saying the contents of the post does not in any way reflects the beliefs or value of the central bucks school district. live in doylestown, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. while police investigate that case, local advocates are calling for change. >> they say police policy as it stands just cannot continue. lu ann cahn was there as leaders of the african american community laid out their proposals. >> what ideas are they offering? >> reporter: well, one idea is passing a statewide chokehold ban for police in the entire state. there is already a policy in place for philadelphia police,
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but for the most part, leaders were talking about their frustration, the frustration in communities like strawberry mansion. >> i stand here to represent an organization that for years fought against lynching only to have to stand here with this same organization, the naacp, to fight 21st century lynching. >> reporter: at the same time, members of philadelphia's black clergy and black cause thus described it is about change. that the deaths of eric garner and michael brown also bring into sharp foye focus here on our season streets. michelle is the president of the guardian civic lead representing local black police officers. >> we don't paint every police officer with the same brush in reference to what goes on here. but we have some that does what
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they want do when they want do it. >> i'm walking down the street 10:30 at night with my sweat suit on, my hat on backwards, no matter what good i've done, simply because i'm big and black, it puts me at risk. >> we have to find another way to systemically move ourselves. because this system is old, corrupted. >> reporter:? in the community question what comes next after the protest and the press conferences. we'll be holding dialogues. we'll be holding policy hearings to talk about the legislative policies that are stuck. >> reporter: local leaders certainly support president obama's task force, they're glad commissioner and the mayor are on that task force and they hope to get to be part half dial look. lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. a political finger pointing game today at new jersey's
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capitol. both parties blaming the other for leaking a highly anticipated report on the jersey jam bridge scandal and cast a negative light on governor christie's administration. cydney long spent the day in trenton. aside from the political 1r victory, what new information did you learn? >> reporter: we know a series of key witnesses have either refused to cooperate or simply they cannot cooperate because the ongoing grand jury investigation also there is no smoking gun or perry mason moment as to who directed the lane closures even 11 months into this, but today the legislatures seem to focus on a deleted texts linked to governor christie. in the on dwgoing quest into wh the lanes were shut down last fall, and what governor christie knew at what point in time -- >> this process is a shining example of how american
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democracy and checks and balances are supposed to work. >> reporter: democrats and republicans see it far differently. >> throughout this whole process, there has been a systemic leaking of documents. >> reporter: the panel's interim report highlights that the panel doesn't have enough evidence to tie governor christie directly to the lane closures. it also says bridget kelly, a rm forechrist forecri former cri form former christie oig may have deleted an e-mail. >> when we got the telephone records, it became very clear that, first of all, the governor initiated the text. >> reporter: today republicans sounded off about being left out of this investigation. >> this not north korea. is this america. and you said it best, whether is a shining example of sdemocracy.
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you're now telling me, trying to gavel me down? >> reporter: >> all the documents are there. we doesn't make up one thing this is not alice in wonderland. >> reporter: so right now, an intermission. the closing act could include criminal indictments by means of that u.s. attorney grand jury investigation. another facet of this is the transparency of the new york new jersey port authority. just yesterday, they increased tolls and tomorrow both transportation groups and lawmakers will urmg tge the governors of both states to sign that legislation into law. live in trenton, cydney long, nbc 10 news. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a developing story in maryland where a private jet crashed into a house killing at least three on board the plane. the impact ignited fires at three homes. investigators in gaithersburg are combing the wreckage for
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more potential victims. >> jacqueline london joins us live with the latest on the search as well as the investigation. >> well, along with the three people killed, authorities say three people in the house are still unaccounted for. spokesperson for montgomery county fire and rescue also says a fourth person may have been aboard the plane. the jet crashed just before 11:00 this morning about a mile from the montgomery county air park. officials say the plane was prepare to go land when it crashed into a house and caught fire. one neighbor says he saw the pilot make a hard right, then an erratic hard left aptnd the pla began to barrel roll. the ntsb is en route to begin their investigation. of course we will continue to gather new information on this still developing story. and you can count on updates as soon as we receive them. crews in l.a. battling two large fires early this morning
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including a massive one at this downtown apartment building that was under construction. the flames consumed the 7 story building and damaged three floors of an adjacent high rise fortunately no one was hurt, but officials had to close done portions of two major freeways while crews worked to put out the flames. trs it took 250 firefighters to get it under control. >> these wood frame fires are extremely hot. and talking to the firefighters and fire station 3, when they opened the door, they immediately saw the glow of the fire and you can imagine the side of that occupancy with two thirds of it on firic it was a significant volume of fire. >> reporter: shortly after 4:00 a.m., another fire started at a building about 2 miles away from there. more than 100 firefighters responded to that fire. new information now on the death investigation in
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burlington county. we now know jesus garcia is schanched with c e charged with concealing the body of a woman found in the trunk of a car. this morning detectives searched the victim's home and they left carrying several bags of evidence. the victim was found last night in the trupg of a white chevy parked outside the quality inn on route 38. police say garcia had the car when they found him at the hotel. investigators haven't identified the woman or released a possible motive in the case. search is on for a night wheeld wheelding man who held up a grocery store. you can see him climb over the counter here. it happened on november 28. police say a worker was cut in the hand when he tried to stop the suspect from entering the register area. suspect eventually left the store empty handed. jury selection began today in the trial of a man accused of killing a philadelphia police
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officer. are a fa rafael jones is accused of firing the shot. officer walker was killed back in august of 2012 while heading home from work. this is surveillance video from that night, officer washingtoner was in street clothes walking to a philadelphia bus stop after an overnight shift when two men crossed the street and tried to rob him. the other suspect in the case, mcfarland respect pleaded guilty to third-degree murder back in june. authorities say he has agreed to testify against jones. no decision on whether the south jersey man charged in a deadly shooting rampage at los angeles international airport whether face the death penalty. he's pleaded not guilty. there was a status hearing today, but the u.s. attorney general has not yet made a decision on the case. prosecutors say he opened fire
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inside l.a. x. on november of 2013 -- in november of 2013, killed a tsa gt, three other people were hurt. he's due back in court next month. the judge wants the case to hid to trial next year. new jersey's controversial bear season now under way, the six day bear hunt began this morning. the last of five state sponsored bear hunts aimed at redwusiucine population. about 1600 bear have been killed in the last four hunts, but wildlife officials and act tir viss disagree over whether the hunt achieves their goals. critics argue it's in-you humane and unsafe. last week activisted rallied. you may remember a rutgers university student who was malled to death by a bear in
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north jersey back in september. patel was attacked after he snapped cell phone pictures of the bear. from our delaware bureau, the check is in the mail for hundreds. about to receive their portion of a major mortgage settlement, more than 200 delaware residents will receive direct payments of about $1200. all of them have mortgages with one of these companies or sub sid ye sub sasidiaries and lost their e to foreclosure. ed by biden says our financial system only works when every plays by the rules and there must be accountability when the rules are broken. nbc 10 driving along the ac
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expressway in hamilton township earlier where we found snowflakes falling. nothing major, but it is what is headed this way. that is cause for concern tonight. we have first alert for tonight and all the way through wednesday for this slow moving nor'easter. flooding rain, gusty winds, of course the greatest winds at the shore. and a wintry mix to the north and west and eventually perhaps a change totally to snow in parts of the area. now to midnight, the rain is approaching. a bit of a mix north and west. coastal flooding occurring overnight late tonight, the rain increases, as well. heaviest of the rain more than to midday tomorrow. sounds like a lovely day. look you how cold it is.
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it's just a matter of the times if it gets up there soon enough, it's going to be freezing rain or sleet. if it waits until long enough for the temperature to rise tonight, and it will rise, then it's just rain. there is a storm developing offshore. we've been talking with it for a week. it strengthens and the northeast flow from hundreds and hundreds of miles away. eventually as the storm passes, the colder northwest winds will come in and that is what could change rain to snow in parts of the area. winter storm warning for a good bit of snow and some ice in the pocono, 3:00 a.m. tuesday to 7:00 a.m. wednesday. winter weather advisory in these other northwestern counties. p 7:00 p.m. oon tonight to 10:00 a.m. tonight. coastal flood warnings.
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you can see the times of the high tides during the morning tomorrow. this flooding will be worse than what happened this morning. we'll have another 24 hours of east wind. and a little bit of snow in some areas near the shore. that is pretty much falling apart here. but as we go to the future, this is all coming up from the south and it's going to be hitting us during the morning rush. you can see a little bit of mix or icing up toward the lehigh valley and pocono, but for most of us, it's just rain. and it's heavy rain and it's gusty winds and it's just going to be a nasty, nasty time. and then eventually, some of this colder air could bring the snow down from the poconos and into some of the northern and western suburbs especially. so overnight tonight, the rain mainly after midnight. wintry mix north and west once it does start. again, later tonight. temperatures holding steady or maybe rising a bit.
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rain some of it heavy for him and coastal flooding in the morning. it will be pretty serious i think. a high temperature only in the low 40s. then the cold air comes in, snow showers on wednesday. could even see some more on thursday. look how cold it is. windy every single day. it's the kind of money you only hear about when a lottery jackpot keeps growing. >> but this is no lottery. today the $100 million gift handed out right here in our area. also, on the edge of extinction. why a small local town could literally disappear from the map. plus going their separate ways. the scheduling ghademands keepi will and kate apart during their visit to the united states. and the fix that finally makes you pay for parking again in some of the high price spots in our area.
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the parking authority fixed the computer glitch that prevented people from using credit cards. that meant drivers had to use cash only. they relaxed ticketing because of the problem. today they offered drivers a ten minute grace period. they come to the aid of drivers every day. today those drivers offered a special thank you to the men and women of service patrol. they help drivers whose car becomes does hisabled. today some of those helped by the patrol offered their thanks via video message. >> thank you so much. you were such a blessing and i hope that you're doubly blessed
4:26 pm
this christmas. >> a very nice man who quickly got me back on the road. and i'm very great ateful and i wanted to say thank you. >> the ssp patrols 225 linear miles throughout the state of new jersey. cape may lewis ferry will soon be more environmentally friendly. the epa awarded a $975,000 sgrant to the delaware river and bay authority. the money will help bring new clean air technology to the cape mayfairry and reduce toxic air emissions. it appears about 800,000 passengers and 300 thourgs vehic 300,000 vehicles each year. tom carper has been a champion for cleaning air. he said the changes will be a breath of fresh air for the followings that live here in lewes and new jersey.
4:27 pm
a private jet plows in to a house exploding into a fireball. >> that's one of the developing stories we're following today. three people on board the plane died. three neighbors on the ground in gaithersburg are unaccounted for. count on nbc 10 news for new information as soon as it becomes available. and new at 4:30, the duke and duchess have a date with the king. the american king. an approaching nor'easter is now just hours away. it will bring with it rain, gusty winds, flooding and even some snow. i'll break down exactly what the storm will do where you live. the holiday season is here,
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right now at 4:30, nbc 10 first alert weather technology is closely watching a nor'easter coming right at us. ho heavy rain, possible flooding and even snow is in the forecast. >> jersey shore could see significant flooding. >> 240es wpoconos could see as half a foot of snow. let's get more on the rifarrivaf the storm and its impact where you live. >> we turn to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn, you've been telling us about this nor'easter since late last week. where do things stand? >> there is no doubt there is a nor'easter that will be affecting much of the area. it will have a lot of impacts over a long period of time. our first alert goes from tonight to wednesday and maybe beyond because of the slowness of this storm. we expect enough rain to cause flooding, gusty winds, and then
4:32 pm
at the shore, the combination of the flooding rains and the coastal effects too cause quite a bit of flooding there. and a wintry mix north and west. so here is the overall timing. we expect the rain approaching later on tonight. i think most of the rain will occur after midnight. wintry mix north and west. coastal flooding toward day break. and then the heaviest of the rain occurring between 8:00 a.m. and noon for much of the area continuing, though, the rain and the wind all afternoon. that's just one part of the storm. we'll get into more details with the 7 day in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. as the nor'easter bears down, get fast and accurate first alert weather updates on your smart phone or on your tablet. the first alert weather app is free. go to
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other news now, the duke and du duchess cambridge continuing their tour. >> william and kate are drawing large crowds wherever they go. the largest could be in just a few hours from now when the prince and duchess have an oudie with the king. chris pollone is live in new york to explain. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. will and kit will ate will be h take in their first ever nba game. nets are hosting the cavaliers and lebron king james. >> reporter: it's date night for the duke and duchess of cambridge after spending their first full day apart, they will head to their first nba game. while the royals watch baseball's king lebron james, some wonder if they will meet our music royalty, jay-z and
4:34 pm
beyonce. there was a busy day of clarities with the duke heading to washington to meet with the president and vice president and addressing a meeting of the world bank. >> our connective goal must be to reduce the wildlife trade by making it harder, denying traffickering access to transportation, putting up barriers to their he will legil aft it is and holding people accountable for their, as. >> reporter: some of the young children thought kate might be the princess from "frozen". tuesday the royal couple will visit the 9/11 memorial and take a trip to the top of the empire state building. they're staying at the carlisle, a favorite place for princess diana. no word if they will grab a slice of pizza or hot dog to make their trip complete. and this might be the best chance that new yorkers get to catch a glimpse of both american
4:35 pm
and british royalty. i just checked the secondary market, and tickets tonight to get in at this point, only about 60 bucks a piece. sounds like a bargain, right? >> sure does. so what is on the royal couple's itinerary right now? >> they're still moving today. kate went to that child government center and then she had a bunch at the british consulate. we're told that she's taking a little bit of a rest before she heads out to the basketball game tonight. will has returned from washington and he will be attending a fund-raiser and reception with former secretary of state hillary clinton and her daughter, chelsea, before coming over here to brooklyn. >> no time for jet lag. >> thanks so much, chris. well, if you just complaint get enough of the royal visitors, go to we're following them on their journey to the u.s.. we have photos, videos of the young prince and the duchess kate. only five artists remain on
4:36 pm
the show t"the voice" and tonigt they take the stage for the live semifinals. and our area will be well represented. ♪ that's matt mcan drdrew who is member of team adam and many say he is the man to beat. matt performed in south philadelphia, part of that performance will be featured on national television tonight. catch matt and his hometown visit to philadelphia tonight on "the voice" starting at 8:00 right here on nbc 10. it is the kind of money that most of us can only dream of. >> today the $100 million gift that one man gave away right here in our area and how he wants that money to be spent. also, food that makes quite a statement, but has
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$100 million, that's the kind of money that will get your attention. the group you see here, pennsylvania convention center, announced a donation. paul allen made the donation. it will help create a new institute in seattle. scientists will focus on understanding the human cell with impact on virtually all disease research. >> cells is the battleground for every human disease. we need to better understand the inner workings of the cells. >> the new facility will be called the allen institute for cell science. paul allen says he hopes it will accelerate research and cures
4:41 pm
around the world. do you know any vegetarians? you may not for long because a new study reveals 84% of vegetarians actually go back to eating meat. according to the humane research council, the most common reasons, social pressure, and lack of community support. study also found that while there are very few vegans in the u.s., they are far less likely than vegetarians to start eating meat. it could be so long to a really small town. >> nbc 10 takes you to the local community that may lose its identity for good. also, mo'ne's magazine moment. the world's most famous little leaguer showing big league promise in the national spotlight. we've issued a first alert because of this big slow moving nor'easter that will drench us can rain bringing whipping wind and snow to some areas. find out how the storm will affect your neighborhood and your commute.
4:42 pm
and all new tonight at 5:00, unwrapping controversy. a major drug store chain is pulling rolls of this holiday wrap off store shelves because some say it it's offensive.
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♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the power to do more.
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independence blue cross. live fearless. an update now. the death toll has been raised to section in the aftermath of the small plane that crashed. they have located the bodies of three residents. home. three people on the small private jet registered to chapel hill, north carolina were also killed. count on us to update the story as we continue to get new information.
4:46 pm
>> a soggy drive through the streets today. flooding you see here at the shore as a result of the tides and high winds. bringing in water from the ocean as the storm slowly creeping its way causing concern over large portion of the area. not just the shore. first alert issues tonight through wednesday and maybe i don't understand. we told you about this storm a week a week a week ago. it will be moving slowly. it should cause localized flooding, gusty winds. and wintry mix to the north and west. the rain approaches later on this evening, but most of it will occur after midnight. and then you start getting the coastal flooding toward day break and a wintry mix north and west. and heavy rain during the morning and midday hours. rain continues during the rest
4:47 pm
of the day. now you can see why we have that wintry mix. it's only 29 in allentown, 30 in reading, 30 trenton. so even though the temperatures may rise tonight, may not rise enough and the ground is cold, so could be some freezing rain or sleet. only upper 30s farther to the south. there is the storm developing well offshore. and then it redevelops near the authori north carolina coast. and look at the winds converging at the jersey shore. when the winds converge, air goes up and it creates heavy precipitation and brings the big w5i6 waves in. the colder air comes in, that cuts off the rain, but then you have the threat of some snow. so winter storm warning for the poconos tuesday and into wednesday this morning. winter weather advisory later tonight and into tomorrow morning for the lehigh valley and berks county, those areas
4:48 pm
may not get above freezing in timing. we have coastal flood warnings for especially tom morning's high tied. moderate floodings could be worse than what they saw this morning. and now a general flood watch tuesday. plus a high wind advisory. there is the latest radar. no longer having snow in the inland areas. future cast not showing much during the evening hours. but then it really explodes overnight and it may again go into enough cold air, sometimes computer models don't handle too ha t well. so could be icing, but it won't be snow. the atmosphere will warm up and there is that nasty weather. how much rain? one computer model shows us an inch and a half to 2 inches by afternoon, up to about 2 total by the end of the storm.
4:49 pm
and that could be enough for some localized flooding. some computer models give us more rain, some less. rain mainly late tonight. wintry mix north and west as temperatures are near freezing there. they rise a little bit toward day break and then get up into the 40s in parts of the area at least during the day tomorrow. some of that rain will be on the heavy side and that coastal flooding may be the most significant problem of the day tomorrow. then colder air comes in and we get the possibility of snow showers north and west, maybe even down to the philadelphia area. and way below average temperatures all week. windy all week. and we barely start to warm up over the weekend. big day for mo'ne davis. >> she was presented with the first ever sports kid of the year award. mo'ne was joined by michael nutter, michael carter williams,
4:50 pm
and about 150 of her classmates as she accepted the honor this afternoon. sports illustrated chose mo'ne because they say she proves everyone has the ability to make an impact no matter their age, gender or race. mo'ne became the star of philadelphia's dragons after showing her dominance on the pitchers mound. the first girl to win a little league game. a tiny town in our area could be erased from the map. >> and the clock is ticking. today why they need someone to step up and take charge or else. get ready for some german engineered holiday excitement.
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one local town could be on
4:54 pm
the brink of extinction. >> they have enough people, but not enough to make official decisions. we're talking about hartle. it's the smallest town this delaware. and as tim furlong tells us, its days could be numbered. >> reporter: hartly is the tiniest town. >> little country town, yeah. needs some fixing up. >> reporter: a church, a steeple, but everywhere you look, not many people. the old sign says 111, but it's under 75 now. at a meeting next week, those people will be told it's time to fight for their town. >> one of the purposes of this meeting, here is how you can get involved especially in town. we need you to step up to the plate. we need to you serve on town council. >> reporter: nothing here is getting done. houses are falling apart. nobody enforces local codes which is okay with some people. nobody here is fighting for state money and slowly but surely the sewers and sidewalks are starting to crumble. i'm told a couple people who
4:55 pm
live town would like to be on council, but not allowed to be unless the town changes its own rule. but you need three council members to do that. otherwise nothing will continue to happen. it's pretty complicated. doing nothing isn't really an option. the town could basically be taken over by the county or state. >> not a preferred option, but it's there. we're providing all the help that we can possibly provide and gladly and willingly, we want to see hartly thrive, but the residents have for take the next step. >> reporter: on monday we should find out who, if anybody, will fight for their little piece of delaware. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> you you just need two anchors at 5:00, which is next. >> that's right. >> thank you very much. all new tonight, live team weather coverage as the nor'easter threatens to bring flooding, rain and wind. >> that's right. we're tracking a developing nor'easter. it will be here as we go through
4:56 pm
the overnight hours and into the morning commute. so coming up, be we'll tell yout it means for your area. ten years and still no closure in the cold case murder of two young store employ years. what a victim's friend is doing to keep the case alive. and unwrapping controversy. it looks like some bright pain, but some customers say the holiday wrap is offensive. the reason why next.
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a coastal flood warning is in effect. and is thisthis is a look at fl in several towns a day before rain from a nor'easter blows in. >> you can see that storm as it develops on nbc 10 first alert radar. parts of our area could see snow and a wintry mix. we have live team coverage for you tonight. ble let's begin with sheena. >> we're watching an approaching nor'easter. it will be here mostly after midnight tonight. some of us will start to see rain, maybe a little wintry mix north and west, but either way, we'll call tomorrow even as we call into west first alert weather day. so a slow moving nor'easter will be giving us flooding, rain, wind. most of that at the shore. wintry mix possible areas north
5:00 pm
and west. so you do want to be careful as you're driving tomorrow. so here is that big area of low pressure. some moisture off the carolina coastline, but this will eventually come together. move up the eastern seaboard and give us a loth of rain and wind. as so from now unmidnight, rain and a mix. midnight to 8:00 a.m., watching for coastal flooding along with high tide, rains, high winds. from 8:00 to noon, we could still have periods of heavy rain and high winds again some of the highest winds at the shore as that area of low pressure will be right offshore. so it is going to be a windy, cold, rainy day tomorrow and depending on where you live, you have a better chance of seeing a wintry mix. standing by is glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a closer look at the some of the flooding concerns. >> yes, we have flooding concerns inland and at the coast. a flood watch has been issued for muc


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